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£1,200 Back In Your Pocket

tax-cut-PictureEveryone knows that the last few years have been difficult for families up and down the country. People are feeling the pinch after the greatest economic crisis to hit our country in a generation.

It's important to get our country's books balanced again, but it's vital that this is done fairly. This is why the Lib Dems have forced the Conservatives to raise the Income Tax threshold, which has given hard-working people across the country an £800 tax cut. This is even more than the Lib Dems promised at the General Election in 2010!

Investing in our children’s future

family-pictureThe Liberal Democrats have always believed that the first few years of people's lives are crucial in helping them achieve their full potential in later life.

That's why they have given 15 hours of free early years education to all 3-4 year olds and 40% of two year olds and free school meals have been introduced for all infant school children, to boost attainment and help parents with the cost of living.

Celebrating 2 million apprenticeships!

vince-cable-david-leeSince going into government, the Liberal Democrats have had a keen focus on creating high quality apprenticeships – a great way of getting young people into work.

Apprenticeships have been a huge success story for the Lib Dems in government, and a key milestone has recently been met. In total 2 million apprenticeships have now been created across the country.

Immigration that works for Britain

UK-BorderLiberal Democrats pledge to bring back control of our borders.

The Liberal Democrats are proud that Britain is a welcoming and outward facing nation. If people come here to work and play by the rules, it is in our best interest to welcome them.

While the vast majority of people would agree, they do not support the small minority who come here simply to exploit the UK benefits system.

Pupils feel benefit of £6million Premium in East Surrey

David-OakwoodLiberal Democrats promised a pupil premium in 2010, and an extra £2.5bn has been targeted into schools because of it.

David Lee says, "This is one of the greatest Lib Dem achievements. Before 2010 I visited schools that were given small extra pots of money controlled by civil servants in Whitehall. Now, the Pupil Premium is targeted at schools which have pupils who need help, but it is up to the school to decide how best to spend it.

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